Why a Dental Implant is Often the Best Option for a Broken Tooth

There are several options to address an aching or broken tooth, all of which can be completed in one single visit at our office. Even though we love our patients, we realize your time is valuable (and you may not love spending a lot of time in the dental chair).

The first and most conservative is a crown, sometimes with a root canal if needed. Another option is removal of the problem tooth and placing a bridge (fixed or removable) over that area, using the adjacent teeth for support. Both good choices, however in most cases, the ideal solution is removal of the problem tooth and immediate replacement with a dental implant and final crown.

The advantage of an implant placed the same day with a final restoration is twofold: that specific treatment assists in maintaining the bone and gingival architecture, yielding a more ideal result, both in function and in esthetics; and you can enjoy your restoration without having to travel to another office for part of your treatment or needing to return to our office for an additional step.

Find out what's best for your situation and the options available for you by calling our office to schedule a consultation.

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    COVID-19 Safety In The Dental Office

    Dear Patients,

    Our office is now open for all dental types of dental care, including emergencies, as well as regular cleanings and exams. We are taking appointments for new patients, resuming appointments for patients with unfinished treatment, scheduling implants and other surgical procedures, offering cosmetic consultations, and as always, providing treatment options for patients who may have life threatening issues with a compromised airway, including Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

    Due to limited staffing, we may not be able to answer our phone even when we are in the office, so please leave a message on voicemail, text us at 330-494-6016, or use the chat box feature on this website. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

    As always, our clinical safety protocols far exceed the requirements from our governing bodies, and our top priority is the health and safety of each patient, their family, and our team members and their families. In response to COVID-19, you will notice some enhanced measures in place including:

    To further minimize risk, all transactions at the front desk and have moved to a digital format for scheduling appointments, completing forms and making payments. Dr. Danner will also be conducting virtual appointments whenever possible to follow up with patients after surgical procedures, to discuss treatment plans, or answer any clinical questions.

    We truly appreciate and care for each and every patient! Thank you for your confidence as we journey together through this time.

    The Danner Dental Team