Canton Extraction/Implant/Crown, Extraction/Implant/Crown Canton


Featuring both single stage zirconium nonmetal implants and two stange titanium implants. 

     Broken teeth with insufficient remaining tooth structure or unsatisfactory jaw bone support would benefit from removal and immediate placement of a dental implant which will help maintain the supporting gum tissue and bone. Often times we can complete your smile by placing a crown at the same appointment. Using computerized 3D imaging, we can see the problem tooth, the degree of infection in the bone and available surrounding bone in all dimensions. We size the implant in the 3D image for optimum results.


"This office has all the high tech stuff, yet they still make everyone feel special and cared for. When I found out I could have a tooth removed, a dental implant and a crown all in one appointment, I was sold. Start to finish at one office with one doctor is a rare thing. I'm so thankful I found Danner Dental, and I've told many others about my great experience" -- Charla C.