HELP! I Can Hardly Open My Mouth, It Hurts to Chew, and I'm Exhausted. What's Going On?

It sounds like your muscles are working overtime, and you are likely grinding or clenching the teeth during the day, or worse, at night while sleeping.

The muscles that make the jaw move are on each side of your face; the muscles on the sides of your head above your cheek and ear, and the muscles below your cheekbone are the primary muscles that make your mouth function. If they are healthy and without inflammation, they will function normally and without pain. However, when it's painful to chew or jaw mobility is limited, there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

To illustrate how this could happen, imagine a marathon runner who successfully completed a marathon after which the runner's coach insists that a sprint be run right after the marathon. We all know that the marathon runner will not be able to sprint after long distance running 26 miles. It's not that the athlete doesn't want to listen to the coach, but the leg muscles are exhausted. This same scenario applies to the muscles of mastication (chewing) which can become fatigued due to overuse, usually because of unrealized clenching and grinding.

Fortunately, there are solutions to this issue and our office has extensive training in treating TMJ pain, headaches and facial pain. Schedule a consult today by calling our office to make arrangements for relief.

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