Pediatric Dentistry In Canton, OH

At Danner Dental, our Canton Ohio pediatric dentistry team combines our advanced knowledge of dentistry with child-friendly dental techniques to create the perfect environment for our youngest patients to receive dental care.

Our kids dentistry team takes the extra time to earn the trust of both you and your child, making sure each trip to the dentist is a pleasant, calm experience. We can start to see your child for regular pediatric dental checkups once they turn 1! We encourage you and your child to ask questions and are always happy to address any concerns you have as a parent. We offer empathetic oral health education and use simple explanations to answer your child’s questions and reassure them.

Your Child's First Visit To The Dentist

View of the reception desk at our kids friendly office offering pediatric dentistry for full family services at Danner Dental in Canton, OH.Dr. Danner understands that you want the best for your child. At Danner Dental, we focus on providing the highest quality pediatric dental care possible. It’s completely normal for a child to be unsure or nervous about their first dental visit, but at Danner Dental they don’t have to be! Our practice is designed to make your child comfortable and excited to visit the dentist every six months.

Regular Pediatric Dental Checkups

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) advises that children be seen for a checkup every 6 months. These visits allow Dr. Danner to closely monitor new changes in your child’s mouth and ensure that you, as a parent, have the information you need to promote continued oral health in your child.

Dr. Danner may suggest additional checkups if your child is more susceptible to cavities or if your child is showing signs of orthodontic problems.

Teeth-Strengthening Mineral Application

Dental teeth-strengthening mineral treatments are safe and effective in decreasing the amount of cavities in children. Dr. Danner often recommends this treatment along with dental sealants to help protect your child’s teeth. This teeth-strengthening mineral acts as a shield for the tooth’s outer enamel and can actually reverse early dental decay in some children.

Protective Pediatric Dental Sealants

Protective dental sealants are thin coats of plastic painted onto your child’s back teeth to protect their deep grooves and depressions from accumulating bacteria and food particles. Studies show that 88% of cavities in American school-aged children are caused by food and bacteria being caught in rear molars.

At Danner Dental, we typically apply a protective sealant to your child’s back teeth, premolars and molars. The sealant will last for several years, but we will continue to check it during your child’s regular dental appointments.

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

Treatment for cavities in children depends on how severe the decay is as well as each child’s age and risk of future cavities. At Danner, we typically treat small cavities with discreet, effective tooth-colored fillings.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted – but some do. In many situations, it’s best to pull the wisdom teeth before they jeopardize your child's smile as a whole. If your child's wisdom teeth can cause damage to neighboring teeth, or cannot fully erupt, Dr. Danner may consider extraction. At the earliest, wisdom teeth are removed during your child's the mid-teen years, but third molars do not finish developing until closer to about 30 years of age.

Tongue Tie Release Surgery (Frenectomy)

Your child’s tongue is an important part of their oral structure. It affects the position of the teeth, periodontal tissue, swallowing, speech development and nutrition. “Tongue Tie” is a condition where the tissue on the underside of the tongue that connects to the floor of their mouth is too short, limiting the tongue’s range of motion.

In infants, Tongue Tie can cause problems with breastfeeding, and in young children, it can cause problems with speech. Treatment for this condition is relatively simple, and early intervention is key.

Have Questions About Our Kids Dentistry Services?

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At Danner, we offer comprehensive family dentistry services at our Canton, OH dentist office to keep your smile healthy, confident and bright.

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