Danner Scholars

The Danner Dental Scholarship Program

Dr. Jeff Danner founded the Danner Dental Scholarship program in 2006 as a way to give back to the community. Knowing the importance of a good education as well as the financial difficulties often faced by dentistry students, he felt that offering awards to a few deserving students would make the first year of college a bit easier.

As a Stark County native, Dr. Danner values his ability to support our local community and partner with the efforts of those who will make a difference in the future. The Danner Dental Scholarship program provides scholarships to high school graduates who plan to study dentistry, medicine, or a related science field in college.

Our scholars have varied backgrounds, interests and careers.  When considering applicants, the Danner Dental Scholarship committee looks at the student as a whole, not just at their grades and test scores. Ideal candidates should be well rounded, with areas of interest that demonstrate a commitment to making an impact in their community,  and/or plans to make the world a better place. In addition to an online application, required documents include a personal essay and a recommendation from a teacher.

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Danner Dental Scholarship

Danner Dental Scholarship Recipients

The following individuals have been recipients of Danner Dental Scholarships:

Danner Dental Scholars

  • James Condo (2019)
  • Lauren Landon (2019)
  • Logan Martens (2019)
  • Juliette Smyers (2018)
  • Olivia DiRuzza (2018)
  • Samuel Schut (2017)
  • Shelly Douglas (2017)
  • Emily Paul (2017)
  • Austin Casper (2016)
  • Neya Sterling (2016)
  • Jonathan Markle (2015)
  • Sydney Stroia (2015)
  • Neil Bernard (2014)
  • Julia Namenek (2014)
  • Claire James (2014)
  • Michael O'Conner Jr. (2013)
  • Hannah Miller (2013)
  • Anna Bartholomew (2012)
  • Brooke Baldwin (2012)
  • Jordan Long (2011)
  • Emanuela Peshel (2011)
  • Shannon Lee (2011)
  • Stephanie Douglas (2010)
  • Lauren Riffe (2010)
  • Jordyn Geiger (2010)
  • Michael Schmidt (2009)
  • Sarah Wade (2009)
  • Andrew Gansmiller (2009)
  • Cassandra McCully (2008)
  • Laura Bevington (2008)
  • Erin Gadda (2008)
  • Chelsea Peters (2007)
  • Ryan Everett (2007)
  • Catherine D'Orazio (2007)
  • Carrie Mohn (2006)
  • Marissa Baum (2006)

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