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At Danner Dental, we believe strongly that educating our patients about dental health issues allows them to make informed decisions regarding treatment options. We are always happy to answer questions and explain the details of any type of treatment you may need. Enjoy these posts which offer information on dental treatments and related topics.

Porcelain Veneers/Crowns vs. Orthodontics -- Which is Better?

When considering options to improve your smile, it often comes down to a choice between porcelain veneers/crowns or orthodontics. Here are a few insights on which one may be better for your particular situation: 


  • If your teeth are dark, porcelain veneers (or crowns) may offer the best result.
  • If your teeth are crooked, orthodontics are likely to be your best bet.
  • If your teeth are both discolored and crooked, you may need both for the best final result.


We offer both orthodontics and porcelain veneers/crowns at Danner Dental. Orthodontic treatment may take 6 to 12 months, while veneers/ crowns could take as few as two appointments with only a week in between. At your consultation, we will present all the options and help you decide what’s best for you, including payment plans so you can get the treatment you want within your budget. 


We are not limited to one treatment or the other, and you shouldn't be limited in your treatment options either. We have the expertise to do it all and would love the opportunity to help you get the smile of your dreams. Call today or request an appointment on our website.

Add 7 Years to Your Life with Sleep Apnea Treatment
Are you snoring and/or suffering from daytime sleepiness? You may have sleep apnea, a form of disordered breathing. Your first response may be "I don’t snore"; but it's highly likely that you may. You will never hear it. And if you do it’s because you woke yourself up because you weren't getting enough oxygen to stay alive so your body woke you up. During an exam of the mouth, we can often see signs that indicate sleep disordered breathing, such as tongue position and trauma to the teeth and/or cheeks. 
If you have sleep apnea, treating it properly can add up to 7 years to your life!
The only way to find out is with an objective sleep study. And the best way is to do your sleep study in your own bed in your own home. We use sleep study instrumentation that’s easy to use and evaluated by our board certified sleep physician. Schedule your at home sleep study with us today to find out if you have sleep apnea. Why us? We will treat you without a C pap and without surgery. We custom fit devices to keep the airway open by using your top and bottom teeth to hold your jaw in the best position. Our dimensional airway management method has helped patients gain an improved quality of life. 
Treated sleep apnea will add 7 years to your life. Untreated sleep apnea will decrease your quality of life by causing weight gain, high blood pressure, and other life shortening medical problems. Call now for an evaluation to see if you would benefit from a sleep study. 330-494-6016
Why a Dental Implant is often the Best Option for a Broken Tooth

     There are several options to address an aching or broken tooth, all of which can be completed in one single visit at our office. Even though we love our patients, we realize your time is valuable (and you may not love spending a lot of time in the dental chair).

     The first and most conservative is a crown, sometimes with a root canal if needed. Another option is removal of the problem tooth and placing a bridge (fixed or removable) over that area, using the adjacent teeth for support. Both good choices, however in most cases, the ideal solution is removal of the problem tooth and immediate replacement with a dental implant and final crown.

     The advantage of an implant placed the same day with a final restoration is twofold: that specific treatment assists in maintaining the bone and gingival architecture, yielding a more ideal result, both in function and in esthetics; and you can enjoy your restoration without having to travel to another office for part of your treatment or needing to return to our office for an additional step. 

     Find out what's best for your situation and the options available for you by calling the office at 330-494-6016 or clicking here: Request an Appointment

Help! I can hardly open my mouth, it hurts to chew and I'm exhausted. What's going on?

     It sounds like your muscles are working overtime, and you are likely grinding or clenching the teeth during the day, or worse, at night while sleeping. The muscles that make the jaw move are on each side of your face; the muscles on the sides of your head above your cheek and ear, and the muscles below your cheekbone are the primary muscles that make your mouth function. If they are healthy and without inflammation, they will function normally and without pain. However, when it's painful to chew or jaw mobility is limited, there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

     To illustrate how this could happen, imagine a marathon runner who successfully completed a marathon after which the runner's coach insists that a sprint be run right after the marathon. We all know that the marathon runner will not be able to sprint after long distance running 26 miles. It's not that the athlete doesn't want to listen to the coach, but the leg muscles are exhausted. This same scenario applies to the muscles of mastication (chewing) which can become fatigued due to overuse, usually because of unrealized clenching and grinding. 

     Fortunately, there are solutions to this issue and our office has extensive training in treating TMJ pain, headaches and facial pain. Schedule a consult today by clicking "Request an Appointment" or call the office to make arrangements for relief. 330-494-6016