When considering options to improve your smile, it often comes down to a choice between porcelain veneers/crowns or orthodontics. Here are a few insights on which one may be better for your particular situation: If your teeth are dark, porcelain veneers (or crowns) may offer the best result. If your teeth are crooked, orthodontics are likely...

Are you snoring and/or suffering from daytime sleepiness? You may have sleep apnea, a form of disordered breathing. Your first response may be "I don’t snore"; but it's highly likely that you may. You will never hear it. And if you do it’s because you woke yourself up because you weren't getting enough oxygen to stay alive...

There are several options to address an aching or broken tooth, all of which can be completed in one single visit at our office. Even though we love our patients, we realize your time is valuable (and you may not love spending a lot of time in the dental chair). The first and most conservative...

It sounds like your muscles are working overtime, and you are likely grinding or clenching the teeth during the day, or worse, at night while sleeping. The muscles that make the jaw move are on each side of your face; the muscles on the sides of your head above your cheek and ear, and the...

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